It was a wonderful day for running for our 2016 Dodge the Deer race.
Thank you to everyone who joined us!

2016 5K Results - with photos and video!

Event Overview

Check out the 2016 results at the results link above.
We'll release the 2017 information in mid-winter.


This event came into being when two members of the ARE went for a run in the woods. They knew they wanted to put on a 5k trail race but didn't know what to call it. At the very moment they were about to begin the arduous task of brainstorming, a deer jumped out in front of them, and Chris yelled to Josh, "Dodge the Deer!"

Trail Running!?

The Dodge the Deer 5K (and Kids Races) are on the safest and most enjoyable trails around. It's basically an unpaved road with easy footing and no hills. If you think of rocks, roots, and other gnarly things when you think of trail running - you're thinking of places that aren't Schodack Island State Park. :)