Dodge the Deer 5K
Saturday, April 7, 2018 · Schodack Island State Park, NY

Join us for the 16th Annual Dodge the Deer 5K and Kids Races! Held upon the flat and welcoming unpaved paths of beautiful Schodack Island State Park, this race is perfect for all! Have kids? We've got them covered too with our Bully the Bear 200 Meter Sprint and our Chase the Chipmunk 1 Mile. After the event, enjoy the music, BBQ, and all-around fun atmosphere!

8:00a: Registration Opens (New reg accepted)
9:15a: Bully the Bear Kids 200m Sprint
9:30a: Chase the Chipmunk Kids Mile
10:00a: Dodge the Deer 5K
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Race Info

This is not your typical 5K!
Come join the ARE and its loving family of forest creatures for an event that is aimed at fun! With a playground and activities for the kids, a hearty cook-out, and music that will have you dancing, this is a must-do 5K. We hope to see you there!


This event came into being when two members of the ARE went for a run in the woods. They knew they wanted to put on a 5k trail race but didn't know what to call it. At the very moment they were about to begin the arduous task of brainstorming, a deer jumped out in front of them, and Chris yelled to Josh, "Dodge the Deer!"

Trail Running!?

The Dodge the Deer 5K (and Kids Races) are on the safest and most enjoyable trails around. It's basically an unpaved road with easy footing and no hills. If you think of rocks, roots, and other gnarly things when you think of trail running - you're thinking of places that aren't Schodack Island State Park. :)

Race Day: Sat, April 7, 2018
Location: Schodack Island State Park

8:00a: Registration Opens (New registrations accepted)
9:15a: Bully the Bear Kids 200m Sprint
9:30a: Chase the Chipmunk Kids Mile
10:00a: Dodge the Deer 5K
11:00a: Awards Ceremony


The course is on the sweetest earth your feet have ever touched. Flat for its entirety, with barely a single noticeable bump, this super fast course is on the least technical trail you can run, making it safe for everyone! If you're new to trail running, do not be intimidated by the word trail - it's simply unpaved beauty that will have you loving it.

Park Setup Field Setup

Pets and Strollers

You may bring pets and strollers to the event, but they are not allowed in the 5K.


Delicious treats await the top 3 overall male and female finishers, as well as the top 3 males and females in: 10-under, 11-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45- 49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+

Mr. & Mrs. Dodge - Couples Division

Is your significant other also running? Team up in the ever popular Mr. & Mrs. Dodge competition! It's simple, just list the name of that special person when you register (and have him/her do the same for you) and the lowest combined time wins the ever coveted Ceremonial Antlers! (There's often also a 'wedding cake' provided too!)

Event Amenities

All pre-registrants receive a great collector's item. Don't forget to bring the kids and have them take on the kids races as well as get to hang out with the likes of Dodge, Chase, and Bully. Above all else, expect great energy and a fun loving atmosphere produced by your friends at the Albany Running Exchange! We'll also fill you up with burgers and dogs after the race as well as vegan options. In addition, all ARE events are Pot-luck style, inviting you to also contribute to the feast. It's not required but certainly welcome.


1 Schodack Island Way
Schodack Landing, NY 12156


Our event is truly a great deal!
We are excited to continue to offer terrific value considering the low fees and what you receive.
ARE Members receive an additional $2 discount by registering here.

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Dodge the Deer 5K

$17 in February
$20 in March
$25 in April/$30 at race

Chase the Chipmunk Kids Mile

All Ages Welcome - focus is 5 to 12
$2 pre-race/$3 at race

Bully the Bear Kids Sprint

For children 4 and under
$2 pre-race/$3 at race


Dodge the Deer was created in 2003 and held at Rensselaer Lake Park (/Pine Bush Preserve) from 2003 through 2005. It has been held at Schodack Island State Park since 2006.

Event Records - Male

Rensselaer Lake Park Course: 15:52
Set by Jamie Rodriguez in 2003 and 2004 (Pine Bush Course)

Schodack Island State Park Course: 15:52
Set by Ugis Jocis in 2018

Event Records - Female

Rensselaer Lake Park Course: 18:57
Set by Kara-Lynne Kerr in 2005 (Pine Bush Course)

Schodack Island State Park Course: 19:41
Set by Chelsea Benson in 2013

Historical Data

# Year Date Weather Finishers Misc
16th 2018 Sat, 4/7 Upper 30s and breezy. 316 Mr. and Mrs. Dodge
16 Year Streaks: Mike Langevin, Tom Mack, Kim Scott
15th 2017 Sat, 4/8 High 50s with some sun. 335 Mr. and Mrs. Dodge
15 Year Streaks: Mike Langevin, Tom Mack, Kim Scott
14th 2016 Sat, 4/9 Low 40s and overcast. 313 Mr. and Mrs. Dodge
14 Year Streaks: Bob Knouse, Mike Langevin, Tom Mack, Kim Scott
13th 2015 Sun, 4/12 Low 60s, no wind, and nothing but sun - beautiful! 353 Mr. and Mrs. Dodge
Streaks Ending: Amy Forgea and Greg Rickes - 12 years of Dodge the Deer.
12th 2014 Sat, 4/19 Mid 50s and sunny - nice! 337 Mr. and Mrs. Dodge
11th 2013 Sat, 4/6 Low 40s and overcast. 271  
10th 2012 Sat, 4/21 Upper 60s and party cloudy, breezy - beautiful day! 325  
9th 2011 Sat, 4/16 40s and overcast, breezy. 296  
8th 2010 Sat, 4/17 50s and overcast. 263 Photos
7th 2009 Sun, 4/19 50s and sun - nice day. 414 Mr. and Mrs. Dodge
6th 2008 Sun, 4/20 60s and sun - beautiful day. 378 Mr. and Mrs. Dodge · Photos
5th 2007 Sun, 4/15 30s and snow! 199 Photos
4th 2006 Sun, 4/23 Low 40s - washout. Pouring all weekend. 199 Making Of · Married By Dodge · Photos
3rd 2005 Sun, 4/10 80s and sun. 303 Photos
2nd 2004 Sun, 4/25 50s and partly cloudy. 120 Photos
1st 2003 Sun, 4/13 50s and partly cloudy. 162 5k Photos · Mile Photos · The Making Of


We'd love to have your help at our Dodge the Deer race!
All volunteers receive the event giveaway as well as lunch - and a great time! :)

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